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Our innovative solution explained in 3 minutes

Learn about our Hotspotreuse® project presented at GreenTech’s meeting on June 13, 2017. French version only

Water Reuse

Water Reuse is one of the main levers to tackle water scarcity and mitigate climate change. Ecofilae stands out through solid skills and references to implement profitable projects.  

Water Scarcity Management

Water scarcity leads to severe economic impacts. Using update knowledge and innovative méthodologies, Ecofilae identifies and asses the most relevant levers to réduce the water deficit.

Water & Soil Salinity Management

Salinisation greatly reduces the performance of irrigation systems. Based on expert knowledge and experimental devices, Ecofilae analysis processes to provide solutions tailored to managers.


Ecofilae is an independent consulting and training company resolutely committed to develop solutions that will help stakeholders to assess and implement levers to cope with water scarcity and develop sustainable water reuse projects

In this context, sustainable means :

  • safe (sanitary and environmental conditions),
  • affordable (targeting full cost recovery),
  • acceptable (socially),
  • reliable (technically) and,
  • controlled.

In other words, risks can be mitigated, the benefits increased, and the systems operated optimally to make them affordable.

The company     References


The diagnostic phase establishes the technical and economic scenarios in order to ensure the sustainability of projects.


Train the main stakeholders of a project it’s allowed them to be more independent in their solution development.


Experiment is the power to assess the impacts and develop good practices before scaling up.
Campus Veolia
Head of training program « Veolia Water » on Veolia Environment campus trusted Ecofilae to train Kurd engineers to water recycling, which was not an easy task in a country where petrol rules. Ecofilae proposals met our explication. Moreover, Ecofilae staff proved to be attentive to participants and were able to adapt their language to the needs of the executives. Ecofilae’s broad experience in the environmental field coupled with effective training programs allowed Ecofilae to answer many environmental needs.
Nadine Santurette, Training program manager, Campus Veolia
Plan Bleu
Ecofilae managed to meet the requirements of Plan Bleu (issued by BEI and AFD), and skillfully summarize the REUSE issue by adding a multidisciplinary approach including IWR, economical and agricultural aspects.
Céline Drubreuil, Plan Bleu - Alain Rotbardt, Project Manager, Water and water treatment division, French Development Agency (AFD)

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