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Pasadena City Promotes greywater reuse with its “Laundry-to-Landscape” Program


Pasadena City Promotes greywater reuse with its “Laundry-to-Landscape” Program

Committed to a policy of sustainable development and protection of water resources, the city of Pasadena (California, USA) encourages its citizens to reuse their greywater to water their green spaces.

Why use drinking water to water your garden?

At the origin of the Laundry-to-Landscape program, two simple and common-sense questions:

  • "Why use drinking water to water my garden?"
  • "Why send the water from my laundry to be treated in a water treatment plant when I could use it to water my garden?"

In response to these questions, the city of Pasadena developed in 2015 its "Laudry-to-Landscape" program, also known as the L2L program. The objective of this program is simple, it aims to help the citizens of Pasadena to engage in a circular economy of water.


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What does this program contain?

The L2L program is based on simple and concrete actions. Residents of the city of Pasadena wishing to reuse their greywater (from the washing machine) can enroll in the L2L program and obtain:

  • Access to free training for the installation of greywater recycling system
  • Access to free trainings of greywater recycling system installations of the washing machine;
  • A complete kit for the reuse of greywater from the washing machine including all the necessary parts for the construction of a system in his house;
  • Access to free technical assistance to install the greywater recycling system (the city also offers an installation service which is paid for).

The courses offered are led by professionals from the greywater reuse market. To register for the program, it's easy, just fill out an online form and send it to the city authorities. Within 90 days of joining and participating in training, program members can retrieve their washing machine greywater reuse kit free of charge from one of the city's workshops. Note that if the system is not installed within 90 days after retrieving the kit provided, the program participant may be billed $ 160 or the cost price of the kit.

The benefits of this program are positive. Since the launch of the program, nearly 300 residents have started the process, of whom 235 have received technical assistance for the installation of a greywater recycling system. Beyond the sustainable development approach, the program also has a social and solidarity scope, 60 residents have benefited from the installation of a greywater recycling system of the washing machine at no cost.

To commend the success of this program, the State of California (Metropolitan Water District of Southern California) has awarded the city of Pasadena a US $ 50,000 grant to help develop the program in the coming years.

At Ecofilae, we believe that L2L is an inspiring program. This concrete program is an example to follow in order to develop greywater reuse by accompanying citizens in every step of the process.

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Ecofilae, May 2019. Martin Perrin