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Study report AFEID / COSTEA


Study report AFEID / COSTEA

Wastewater reuse for agricultural irrigation in peri-urban areas in developing countries.


Today, wastewater reuse is an under-exploited option to cope with the challenges of water deficits and the degradation of environments and sanitary conditions. The implementation of sustainable and safe wastewater reuse projects requires that stakeholders, whether managers or funders, possess the key elements so that they anticipate the risks and propose solutions that are suitable for the uses and territories [...]

Based on the experience feedback, up-to-date and latest knowledge and analyses of practices, obstacles and operational solutions, this report guides and directs both readers and actors in their project. It provides recommendations and perspectives for the future along with the necessary knowledge, methodology or technology developments.

This report, which is focused on agricultural practices in peri-urban areas in developing countries, addresses the challenges of (i) safeguarding raw wastewater reuse chains; (ii) choosing suitable treatment chains; (iii) impacts on resources; (iv) political, institutional and regulatory processes; and (v) economic and environmental assessments using decision-making tools.

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