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Industrial wastewater recovery study - 2016

Industrial wastewater recovery study

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The company Gaches Chimie is located on the Escalquens site (Haute-Garonne) on which it carries out packaging and formulation of chemicals. The products are sold mainly within a 200 km radius around the site.

Gaches Chimie has ordered a study from Ecofilae to identify and evaluate scenarios for improving the effluent treatment and recovery system.

This study focuses on a diagnosis of an industrial site in the chemical sector.

In detail, this project aims to:

  • make an inventory of the water sources used
  • characterize the wastewater discharges (origin, volume, quality, etc.)
  • develop effluent recovery scenarios by combining appropriate treatment technologies
  • carry out a technical-economic analysis (Cost-benefit analysis) on a sector selected by the client

Ecofilae’s actions

Ecofilae's action was as follows:

  • Stage 1: diagnosis and water balance of the industrial site, characterization of the effluent treatment processes, proposal of effluent recovery scenarios
  • Step 2: technical and economic analysis (cost-benefit analysis) of an industrial effluent reuse sector


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