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Treatment and water reuse from petroleum extraction processes - 2011

Treatment and water reuse from petroleum extraction processes

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PDO, the first oil and gas company in the Sultanate of Oman, is engaged in an ambitious project to manage production water in order to reduce costs and find sustainable solutions limiting environmental impacts.

The project aimed to assess the possibilities for water reuse from oil extraction processes in the Sultanate of Oman. The current preferred techniques for the treatment and recovery of this extraction water are reinjection into oil fields and deep aquifers.

The objectives of the project were therefore:

  • Evaluate existing processing and distribution solutions;
  • Assess the risks of REUSE on the water-soil-plant system;
  • Evaluate the economic viability of this recovery (depending on the level of treatment and the different uses selected in the scenarios);
  • Argue the relevance of the solutions proposed to local authorities.

Ecofilae’s actions

Ecofilae's mission on this project was divided into two stages:

Step 1: Diagnosis of the existing

  • Diagnosis of existing practices;
  • Synthesis of the current regulatory framework: environment, health, agriculture;
  • Quantification and qualification of the exploitable resource;
  • Assessment of potential sites for the reuse of effluents in agriculture and urban planning (watering of green spaces);
  • Meteorological and agronomic data collection;

Step 2: Reuse scenario development

  • Development of reuse scenarios (definition of the type of irrigable crop, geographic location, etc.);
  • Evaluation of reusable volumes;
  • Assessment of demand for this new resource.


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