Towards a new virtuous economy with wastewater

Wastewater, an untapped value source

In a world where finite resources are under increasing pressure from over-exploitation, population growth and climate change, wastewater and production residues are reliable, sustainable and widely available sources of water and nutrients.

Wastewater or solid waste can be a cost-effective, sustainable source of energy and valuable by-products, offering direct benefits for food and energy security.

Meeting the challenges with the circular water economy also means creating new opportunities and joining the community of committed actors to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Build profitable and secure reuse loops

Road washing, irrigation, oil amendment, groundwater and rivers recharge, or drinking water: everything is possible with wastewater with full security.

Elaborate the chain of treatment, distribution of control that is adapted to the local situation and identify best practices are the factors of success. A sustainable project will be a profitable, technically feasible, safe, acceptable and organized project.

Build profitable and secure reuse loops

Mitigate the risks and amplify the benefits

Many parameters to consider

Simple and ancestral idea in its most basic form, the reuse of water in its planned form is however complex to implement. and involves mastering all the issues associated with these practices.

It is necessary to be able to bring together two worlds that are disconnected: sanitation on the one hand and water users downstream on the other hand.

It is also necessary to have a rigorous territorial and multidisciplinary approach.

Manage water and soil salinity

Aquifer saline contamination, intrusion into the networks, effluents with high mineral contents: salt is everywhere and presents high risks of deterioration, loss of yields and destruction of soil.

Identifying potential impacts and then developing control and management strategies are the keys to adapt to this new threat.

Manage water and soil salinity

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