Let's enter in the circular
economy of water

Wastewater and production residues are not a burden, but valuable and abundant sources of water and nutrients, which are largely untapped.
Freeing these new resources leads to attractive and resilient territories, securing industrial and agricultural production while preserving and restoring water bodies.
With wastewater, we can safely produce energy crops, irrigate green areas, clean roads, cool cities, recharge rivers, produce snow or produce drinking water.

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Rigorous, creative, scientific and passionate, our team of experts will work with you to give a second life to your wastewater and residues.

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Innovative project Vendée Eau

In Vendée (west of France), every day, 15 000 m3 of water are discharged at sea. How to valorize this water?

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Our vision in 3min

Watch the presentation of our Hotspotreuse® project at the "GreenTech Verte" Meeting.

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Smart City Mag - "Ecofilae: it changes wastewater into gold"

SmartCity Mag devotes in its November paper a page to Ecofilae. This publication has been distributed in the French Mayor Exhibition 2017.

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They trust us

Nous avons été très satisfaits de l'agilité dont a fait preuve Nicolas Condom d’Ecofilae pour la réalisation d'une mission à...


Gestionnaire de programme, Stantec

Par votre intervention et votre implication, vous avez largement contribué au succès des rencontres Rhône-Méditerranée sur l’adaptation au changement climatique,...

Martin Guespereau

Directeur, Agence de l'eau RMC

L’utilisation d’eau traitée purifiée: quel enjeu ! Une pratique éprouvée mondialement à traduire localement en France. Dans cette entreprise portant...

Emmanuel ALONSO

Responsable du pôle territoire, Chambre d'agriculture 65