Coping with the water shortage

Major consumers of the water resource, golf courses must cope with the depletion of the resource and the endangerment of their activities in the long term. Conventional water resources are, now, less and less available for recreational use. Already, the establishment of new golf courses is only possible by considering the use of new, more virtuous resources.


Golf courses, driving the circular water economy

French regulations authorize the irrigation of golf courses and green spaces with treated wastewater. Today there are no less than twenty golf courses irrigated with wastewater, a controlled and secure practice, some golf courses have been practicing this irrigation with wastewater for almost 25 years.



Ecofilae, from agronomic risk to economic and financial evaluation

From the feasibility study, to the economic analysis allowing you to assess the profitability of your project and until the filing of the authorization file, Ecofilae supports you in your project.

Our team of agricultural experts has all the skills to support you in your approach without impacting your activities. Assessment of the impact of treated wastewater salinity, Adaptation of mowing crops and fertilization, our knowledge of good practices to be implemented will allow you to secure your activities for your entry into the world of the circular economy of water.