Water and effluents: a source of cost and risks


Impact of industrial residues on the environment, reduction of water resources, climate change: production systems become vulnerable.

Producing more and better with less water and no impact: this is the challenge.


Effluents: a new resource for the territory


If factories consume water, they produce effluents and residues that are a largely undeveloped source of water and matter.

These discharges can be valorized on the territories for existing or new uses: agriculture, production of biomass energy plants, recharge of water masses.

The factory can assert itself as a major player in the creation of logic of industrial ecology creating on the one hand the economy by encompassing its territory and by reducing its water footprint with a goal of zero rejection on the other hand.


Reduce, recycle but especially reuse!


Based on our expertise and inspired by the existent elsewhere in the world and integrating the specificities of the site, we evaluate the potential of water reuse in the territory but especially the economic, environmental and social benefits for the factory.

Identifying the possible combinations, we realize not only the technical feasibility and economic but build new standards and performance indicators.

Energy biomass production in the desert with effluents from the oil sector, organic sludge reuse and transformations for organic agriculture, water mass recharge, we also test all the possibilities on pilot on site.