Development of a Water Circular Economy strategy for the agricultural and agro-industrial sectors of Landes

Landes, France


The GIP AGROLANDES commissioned ECOFILAE in order to (i) identify the challenges for water resources at the Landes scale, (ii) assess the deposits of purified water produced by the various subscribers to the GIP, and...


Industrial waters: sources of value, innovation and competitiveness

Aix-en-Provence, FRANCE


Éa eco-enterprises, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur delegation from the Aqua-Valley Cluster, and the Capenergies competitiveness cluster organized on Tuesday November 20, 2018, the 1st regional conference dedicated to the challenges of water and in the South Region....


Creating value with industrial effluents



Water management is a crucial issue to ensure the sustainability of factories on their territory. Entering into a logic of reduction of consumption, recycling and reuse of effluents is one of the keys to reducing...


Industrial wastewater recovery study

Escalquens, FRANCE


The company Gaches Chimie is located on the Escalquens site (Haute-Garonne) on which it carries out packaging and formulation of chemicals. The products are sold mainly within a 200 km radius around the site. Gaches...


Pre-feasibility of a demonstrator pilot for the recovery of non-conventional water

Montpellier, FRANCE


A reuse demonstrator is a small-scale experimental and educational field platform to assess the feasibility of a project to re-use treated wastewater. Connected to a non-conventional water production system, it allows: to test the impacts...


Potential study for a field demonstrator pilot to develop salty water from petroleum production for irrigation



The oil & gas industry produces volumes of water at the level of the fields of exploitation. This production water is usually treated, then reinjected, or discharged to the surface. TOTAL E&P wishes to set up...


Agronomic recovery of agro-industrial effluents



The project aimed to recover agro-industrial effluents on several industrial sites of the Lesaffre group (United States, Argentina and Poland). The different objectives of the project were: Carrying out a water quality diagnosis Risk assessment...


Treatment and water reuse from petroleum extraction processes



PDO, the first oil and gas company in the Sultanate of Oman, is engaged in an ambitious project to manage production water in order to reduce costs and find sustainable solutions limiting environmental impacts. The...