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Blue Plan Papers 11


Blue Plan Papers 11

Treated wastewater reuse in the Mediterranean: lessons learned and tools for project devlopement.

The main objective of this report, conducted within the framework of the Environment and Water Program of the Marseille Center for Mediterranean Integration, is to capitalize on lessons learned in the Mediterranean region and to propose an analytical framework for projects, as well as methodological tools for decision-making.
This document is the result of a synoptic review of some twenty recent studies and reports of different nature (reports prepared or sponsored by international organizations, national reports by Mediterranean countries, prospective studies, etc.) to which a number of bibliographical references have been added.

It contains:

  • A methodology and an analytical framework to identify and classify technical and economic criteria adapted to TWWR problems and issues;
  • A descriptive analysis of experiences conducted in the Mediterranean region highlighting, among others, the negative and positive impact of projects;
  • A decision-making tool suggesting a checklist that may be used by sponsors or donors in the initial stages of TWWR projects.

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