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The urban area of Cannes enters the circular economy of water !


The urban area of Cannes enters the circular economy of water !

Co-constructed by ECOFILAE and the Agglomeration of Cannes Pays de Lérins, an urban cleaning pilot project at the Aquaviva station will make it possible to recycle treated water from winter 2020.

An urban pilot in the development phase...

Tests under real and safe conditions will be conducted on the Aquaviva plant equipped with ultrafiltration membranes for the treatment of urban wastewater. 

ECOFILAE defines the test protocols, coordinates and pilots the project. 

At this stage, two applications are selected for the pilot: street cleaning and washing of waste containers. The tests will be carried out on the Aquaviva site operated by SUEZ. 

In total, 3 campaigns to monitor water and aerosols are planned. Urban clean-up operations will be carried out using drinking water and treated water. The first test campaigns took place on October 20, 2020 and are presented in the video below : 

The areas at risk (exposure to aerosols) for local residents, passers-by and operating agents will be particularly monitored by means of particle sampling on the staff and on masts placed around the test area. 

The risk analysis will be lead by an epidemiological follow-up in collaboration with the University of Nice. A continuous monitorng of the operators handling the treated water will thus be set up via reporting sheets. 

ECOFILAE will conduct all the follow-up with the support of its scientific partners and expert laboratories INRAE and CONIDAIR.

The results will feed into the reflection on future regulations at both the French and Europeans levels. 

At the same time, the Cannes Urban Area, assisted by ECOFILAE, wishes to develop ambitious circular water saving scenarios for the territory (of which urban cleaning is only one use) in order to valorize the 50,000 m3 disharged daily into the sea by the Aquaviva station. 


Discover the first steps of the project : video.